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Welcome to Conversation Cloud

Welcome to Conversation Cloud. This is a place where teams get real and immediate feedback about their development and performance from each other. This simple and effective tool allows teams to answer a series of questions related to their work and project and assess their own development over time.

A "barometer" for your team:

The application indicates a storm is ahead, a change is coming or fair weather is on its way. It tracks trends in your meetings, steers people in the right direction and makes it easier to talk and work it out when things are stuck. Conversation Cloud can help you and your team make sure that bright sunny weather is on its way, and your team is moving toward success.

It's also a conversation starter for a team. Teams have to talk through their work flows, identify what is holding them back and offer ways to move forward. Conversation Cloud helps teams do this.

Conversation Cloud builds awareness, trust and identifies the skills needed to accelerate the team's performance toward their goal. It is not about evaluating the team. It is a tool for getting a team to their end goal faster, better and stronger!